Akamat Film

Empire Systems
Scourge of Humanity
Forest Project 1.75 – 75 x 1 Minute
Im Herzen Unruh – Revised Version
We mean nothing to each other
An easy Boy III
The Luck 20xx (I)
The Luck 20xx (II)
Mons Abnoba: Dual Angst
Im Herzen Unruh – Foolish Heart Music Cut
Mum & Dad
Eierlegende WollmilchsauEierlegende Wollmilchsau
Forest Project 100 x 1 Minute
AKAMAT Film 2012 – German Mood Management
La résistence n'existe pas
Im Herzen Unruh / The restlessness of my heart
Room in a Man
The Stream I
The Stream II
Imperfection Contra Pro
An easy Boy I
Collage Carambolage
Black Jesus ✝
Herren-WG / Flat Share for Gentlemen
Begegnung / Encounter
An easy Boy II
Hello Future
Fischerei Register Now!
Prelude Persistence
Shot Free
50 Cent Value – Seven minutes of shame
"Wurke" / "The Saucumber"
Jetzt / Now
Ergo: Confrontation
Alien Ant Farm
Checks & Balances
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